Protect Your Smile With Dental Sealants

Through the use of dental sealants, an individual’s risk for suffering dental damage is greatly minimized. Dental sealants can be an effective means of prevention cavities and dental erosion to keep your teeth safe. Dental sealants create a barrier between your teeth and the acids that that can damage them. Dental sealants are thin coatings… Read more »

Scenarios for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Who has ever wanted a tooth extracted? If asked to make a choice, most people would rather leave their teeth where they are. But in some cases, especially when it involves a wisdom tooth, you need to get them taken out to avoid other detrimental dilemmas. Here are a few of the most common reasons… Read more »

Building Your Smile With Halitosis Treatment

In situations where your smile is not receiving the oral health care it needs to function properly, it may be linked to issues with your oral health care. If there are ways to enhance your oral health care, it’s always wise to use them. This may include issues with your oral hygiene in relation to… Read more »

Getting Your Child to Brush

If you are lucky, your child can’t wait to brush her teeth. When the time comes, she happily trots off to the bathroom, to spend two wonderful minutes cleaning his or her teeth.  However, if you are like most parents, you probably aren’t that lucky. But take heart, you don’t have to fight the Battle… Read more »

Why Receive Dental Implants

If you have experienced tooth loss, you understand the importance of choosing from among your options for tooth replacement in order to improve your smile and your oral health. Each year, many patients choose to restore their smiles with custom-made dental implants, which not only replace teeth but also promote bone health. To learn if… Read more »

Oral Health Recaps: A Healthy Smile

Are you ready to enhance your smile through optimum oral health care? If you are, the first thing you should do is think about dietary selections that are potentially putting your teeth at risk. Even if you are taking the necessary steps to clean your smile, it won’t do you any good if you’re constantly… Read more »

A Bad Filling Might Lead to a Toothache

Dental fillings can be used to treat minor damage and cavities that affect your tooth enamel. Most fillings are made from a metal amalgam or a composite resin, although some special dental fillings are also created from gold alloys or a special type of porcelain-ceramic. At first, the dental filling will have a very strong… Read more »

A Missing Tooth Needs to Be Restored

When a tooth is lost due to decay, disease or dental trauma, it can affect your mouth in a variety of ways. If the original tooth was located at the front of your mouth it could also cause you to feel uncomfortable about your  appearance, and could affect the clarity of your speech. If the… Read more »

A Tooth That Required Extraction Might Need a Dental Bridge Restoration

There are some rare cases where a tooth is so severely compromised by an untreated cavity, dental abscess, or dental trauma, that it simply cannot be saved by a root canal or other conventional means. In a case like this Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry and the staff at TLN Family Dental’s dental clinic might advocate a… Read more »

Treat Cavities Before They Steal Your Smile

Do you know if your teeth are adequately protected against cavities? Since tooth decay is often caused by plaque buildup, you need to target the source of the problem to protect your teeth against decay. Treat cavities before they steal your smile with these simple steps: – Floss your teeth daily using a high-quality dental… Read more »