Dental Veneers

We can completely transform your smile at TLN Family Dental when you visit us for dental veneers. Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry will help design these thin, durable shells to fit over the front surface of your teeth and cover cosmetic flaws. Please call our dentist and team to see if we can improve your smile with dental veneers in Houston, Texas.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are very thin shells, typically made of porcelain or resin, bonded to the front of your teeth to enhance the beauty of your smile. Our dentist may recommend dental veneers to correct several types of smile imperfections. Porcelain veneers are an excellent choice for enhancing your smile because the color and translucency of porcelain are a great match for the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Porcelain is stain-resistant, so your smile will stay bright for years to come. We can also match resin veneers to your natural tooth color. With dental veneers, you can achieve a beautiful, natural-looking smile that you will love to show off.

What are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

Our dentist may recommend dental veneers if you would like to improve the appearance of your smile. We use custom-made veneers for just one tooth or your entire smile. We may suggest veneers to:

  • Close large spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Whiten teeth that are severely stained or discolored
  • Improve the appearance of irregularly shaped teeth
  • Correct slightly crooked teeth
  • Restore teeth that are broken, chipped, worn, or fractured

What is the Dental Veneers Process?

The foundation of TLN Family Dental is decades of expertise, ability, and knowledge. All of our treatment strategies prioritize our patients’ comfort and pleasure. Dr. Nickleberry will first go over the advantages and disadvantages of veneers with you, considering your specific needs and expectations.

Buffing the existing teeth is the initial stage in placing porcelain veneers. Buffing is also known as enamel shaping, and it involves Dr. Nickleberry smoothing down the enamel, which is the outer layer of the tooth’s surface. Then she will take an impression of your teeth during this session. We take the impression to ensure that the dental veneer will be a perfect fit for your teeth – taking into account the desired outcome’s right shape, size, and color. We will then send the impression to the laboratory, where they will create your veneers.

We will welcome you back to the dental office to try on the porcelain veneers after they are delivered. Then Dr. Nickleberry will prepare your teeth for veneer placement. To assist the veneer in adhering, the outside surface of the tooth, the enamel, is scraped. We then apply the veneer to the tooth with a bonding adhesive and set the bond with a light beam. You should not require anesthesia, but if you are worried about the procedure, we can administer sedation to make you more comfortable. Then, after the visit, you can go home with your dream smile.

Are Dental Veneers Right for Me?

If you live in Post Oak, Pearland, or the nearby areas, dental veneers from TLN Family Dental may be able to improve your smile. You should arrange a consultation visit with Dr. Nickleberry in our dental office to see if dental veneers are right for you. We recommend having healthy teeth with no significant dental issues to get dental veneers. You should, for example, be free of tooth decay and have any sign of gum disease adequately managed.

Dental Veneers in Post Oak and Pearland Houston

Patients can reach their oral goals with the help of dental veneers. Dental veneers can help you get a brighter, more substantial, or straighter smile with a stain-resistant and long-lasting material. With proper care, dental veneers can last for many years. We invite you to call or visit our office today to learn more about custom dental veneers and how we can enhance your smile.

We look forward to hearing from you!