Why Choose a BruxZir Dental Crown

Feb 08, 2023
Why Choose a BruxZir Dental Crown
Because BruxZir® dental crowns don’t have a porcelain coating like other crowns, they’re less likely to chip. Here are several more reasons to choose a BruxZir crown.

Have you received the news from your dentist that you need a dental crown to save a severely damaged or decayed tooth? Do you have a root canal that requires a crown to be placed over the tooth afterward? 

Here at TLN Family Dentistry, our experienced team of dentists is ready to help you restore your smile and go through life with confidence in your teeth. Keep reading to learn why you should choose a BruxZir® dental crown over other dental crowns. 

Stronger than other crowns

Dental labs create BruxZir crowns from solid zirconia, the strongest ceramic material in dental procedures like inlays, bridges, and crowns. Unlike other ceramic crowns, BruxZir crowns don’t have a porcelain coating, which keeps them from chipping like porcelain crowns are prone to do. 

If you grind your teeth regularly and have dealt with broken teeth or worn enamel, these crowns are a much better fit when compared to other crowns. Alongside their increased strength compared to other dental crowns, they also reduce wear on other teeth.

If you’re worried about the crown causing enamel wear, you can request that the crown is polished down instead of glazed. Crowns that are polished instead of glazed reduce wear on the other teeth, though the appearance won’t be as pleasant. 

Better fit

Due to the careful fabrication process of BruxZir crowns, they’re the strongest dental crown, and they fit your teeth better. Most dental crowns tend to have a slight excess of material between the crown and the natural tooth, but BruxZir crowns don’t have this. 

Instead, the line between the crown and the tooth is razor-thin, making it feel more comfortable and helping it look more natural. 

Improved appearance

BruxZir crowns are created via CAM/CAD technology, allowing them to fit your tooth better and also help improve the appearance. 

Your dentist imprints your teeth and sends them to the lab for the creation of your crowns. The technicians can even match the crowns to the color of your teeth to blend in with your other teeth, making it seem like no crown is present. 

Once your crown has been created, it’s polished, stained, and glazed to give it a natural-looking appearance. These crowns are also stain and discoloration-resistant, letting you enjoy a beautiful-looking tooth. 

If you think you may need a dental crown, call us at TLN Family Dental today or schedule an appointment online at one of our offices in Houston or Pearland, Texas.